Thos. Birkett and Son Co.

Thos. Birkett & Son Co. History

In 1919, Thos. Birkett and Son Co. Limited were a Shelf and Heavy Hardware Merchant located at 113 and 115 Rideau Street in Ottawa, Canada1.  In about 1867, Thomas Birkett began operating as "Wholesale and Retail Hardware Merchant"2.  In 1899, it was announced in the Ottawa Citizen that the company would henceforth be know under the name "Thos. Birkett & Son Co'y., Limited2.  Thomas Miles Birkett, the son, carried on in the business after his father's death in 19203.  "Thos. Birkett & Son" went out of business in 19273.  T.M. Birkett died suddenly on September 28th, 1934 leaving 4 sons and a daughter3.  Two of the sons are on the honor roll below.

T.M. Birkett's obituary3 claimed that "Mr. Birkett was widely known in the hardware trade throughout Eastern Canada". 

Honor Roll

Gordon Munro (b. Ottawa 1894-1952)

Thos. G. Birkett (Thomas Geoffrey b. Ottawa 1897-1971 d. Vancouver)

Frank Charlesworth (b. Thurlstone, England 1893-1976 d. Ottawa)

G.M. Atchison (George Milton b. Canada 1878-1918 d. Ottawa of Spinal Meningits)

E. Wren Birkett (Edwin Wren b. Ottawa 1898-1949 d. N. Vancouver)

R. Frewin 

J.T. Douglas, Jr. (James Thomas Jr. b. Ottawa 1890-1947 Vancouver)

D. McD. Veale (Philip McDougal b. Ottawa 1894-1983)

A search of Library and Archives Canada's Personnel Records of the First World War, Ancestry and helped to provide the information contained within the parentheses where possible.

The above ad appeared in The Ottawa Citizen date 10 July 1917, page 23 accessed via on May 31, 2020.

1. Canada's Aid to the Allies and Peace Memorial: Victory published by The Montreal Standard page 64, undated.

2. "A New Firm," The Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa, Ontario), 1 February 1889, p. 8, col. 6; imaged in Newspapers+ Publisher Extra ( : accessed 30 May 2020), filter by date and location.

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4. "Personnel Records of the First World War," database Library and Archives Canada ( " accesses 29 May 2020), search for "Veale".  It appears likely that this person is Philip McDougal Veale who was born in Ottawa in 1894 and worked as a salesman.  There is no other person with the last name Veale with a name that could be considered to be "McD"

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