The Alaska Bedding Companies

Roll of Honor

Montreal – Toronto – Winnipeg – Calgary – Vancouver

  *WoundedKilledm Missing

Ashman, E.T.
Attaway, W.
Anderson, O.G.
Appleton, H.
Arrant. F.
Baker, F.
Bagley, C.
Ball, F.
Ball, G.
Balharry, W.
Bampton, J.
Bellas, H.
Belcher, S.
Beefus, C.
Begg, J.
Benson, M.
Benzarski, M.
Bevington, H.
Bigby, G.
Blackman, E.
Blain, J.A.
Blight, W.
Bourke, A.
Brand, D.
Brain, G.
Breeze, L.
Bryan, A.
Bromley, E.C.
Bromley, J.L.
Bromley, J. L.
Britenbach, J.F.
Browne, E.
Burdette, Wm.
Burrows, T.
Burnham, J.
Buddell, J.
Butler, C.
Busby, C.
Bussell, J.W.
*Charlton, W.
Clarke, G.E.
Cleveland, C.
Clover, W.
Coates, R.
Coates, A.
Conlan, H.
Conlan, T.
Connor, G.
Corby, A.
Crawford, C.W.
Cutler, H.
mCurtis, P.
Davies, O.
*Darby, R.
Detmold, P.W.
Dix, L.
Dippie, C.W.
Dobie, L.
Durgery, C.
Drill, C.
*Entwhistle, Wm.
Ferry, J.
*Field, C.
Fisher, L.
Fitzjackerley, J.
mForbes, J.
Forster, A.
Fraser, F.
Frith, W.G.
Frene, P.
Gillies, C.
*Gilpin, A.
Gilpin, R.
Gibson, G.
Gore, G.
Graham, J.
Grainger, A.
Griffen, L.
Guttman, H.
Hatch, J.D.
Hass, F.
Halladay, P.
Hamlton, W.
Harvey, P.
Hall, D.
Hessenthaler, A.F.
Henry, Wm.
Heyes, S.
Hill, H.
Hirst, A.
Hoy, Wm.
Hook, George
Honeyman, H.
Hunt, F.
Hunter, D.
Hutchings, S.
Jones, Ed.
Johnson, O.
Judd, A.E.
Judd, A.V.
Kaiser, Ed.
*Kent, P.
Kennedy, R.
Kenny, E.
Keely, M.
Killenback, J.
King, F.
Lamb, Fred.
Lammont, A.
Latreuno, A.
Lacourse, H.
Langlands, A.
Lecompte, J.O.
Lear, F.
Lindsay, T.
Linstead, T.
Lord, F.
Lucas, S.
Lloyd, S.
Marshall, F.
Marshall, E.
Marshall, W.
Marr, James
McBride, Bob.
*McCulloch, H.S.
McMillan, Neil
McKiechan, S.
MacTier, J.
Marsh, F.
Maskery, H.
*Maxted, S.
*McNutt, C.
Mellor, W.
Merritt, E.
Meacham, G.
Mills, T.
McKiegan, Wm.
Mills, K.
Mills, R.E.
Middleton, R.
Mist, A.
Mist, L.
Molyneux, A.
Mumby, G.
Munro, George
*Naunton, E.
Naylor, C.F.
Neelin, J.C.
Neelins, Wm.
Nicholson, S.R.
Oakley, S.
Overton, G.C.
Overton, S.D.
Overson, Jas.
Ouzanoff, C.
Patterson, J.
*Parsons, G.H.
Pearce, W.G.
Pearce, S.G.
Pedder, J.
Percy, Harvey
Philip, A.
Pierce, D.S.
Plant, F.
Pope, S.
*Portugal, H.
Pollard, Fred.
Potter, J.
Porter, A.
Preston, P.S.
Prevost, A.
Pye, E.A.
Pratt, F.
mRayner, T.
Rankin, F.
Ratcliffe, W.
Raymond, T.
Reid, C.W.
Ross, J.
Rolf, R.
Robinson, H.R.
Robertson, J.W.
*Roberts, J.L.
Russell, C.
Russell, J.
Ibronson, J. H.
Sands, W.
Savage, H.O.
Scales, A.
Scholes, G.
Senior, A.
mSims, A.
Shoobert, J.
Skailes, J.
Skailes, T.
Smythe, A.
Somerville, H.
Starling. G.
Stratton, G.
Stokes, Alf.
Stoddard, W.
Stroud, S.
Sturgeon, H.
Steggles, H.
Sutherland, C.
Stopes, D.
Sykes, T.
Tack, L.
Taylor, J.R.
Thomas, R.
Thomson, R.C.
Touke, C.
Tighe, F.
Turpin, E.
Turpin, E.
Tyre, A.
Thouret, E.
Vanns, Ernest
Waddell, C.J.
Watt, A.
Watts, G.
Watson, G
Waller, Joe
Walker, H.
Walker, J.
Ward, C.
Webster, J.M.
Wheatley, M.
Wicks, C.
Wink, J.
Wintemute, E.
Withey, H.
Wills, H.E.
*Wilson, C.
Woofe, Wm.
Woolrich, O.
Woods, B.
Worthington, J.
*Wren, G.
Wright, W.
Willimas, D.H.
Wylie, J.G.
Young, T.

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