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Honor Roll


H. Holden1st Depot Quebec Regt.
J. Pichette2nd Depot Quebec Reg.
A. Robitaille2nd Depot Quebec Reg.
A. St. Marie5th Pioneers
H. Blinkoe13th Batt.R.H.C.
T. Elphick13th Batt. R.H.C.
G. Mitchell13th Batt. R.H.C.
N. Murray13th Batt. R.H.C.
J. Pearce13th Batt. R.H.C.
J. Hunt14th Batt. Royal Montreals
A. Jones14th Batt. Royal Montreals
E. Gutras22nd Batt. (Carbineers Mount Royal)
J. Ashford23rd Batt.(Transferred 42nd R.H.C.)
A. Labelle23rd Batt.
T.G. Deery24th Batt. Victoria Rifles
C. Picken24th Batt. Victoria Rifles
J. Margouls35th Battery C.F.A.
W. Maher42nd Batt. R.H.C.
J. McKenzie42nd Batt. R.H.C.
F. Munro42nd Batt. R.H.C.
J. Jarvis73rd Batt. R.H.C.
T. West73rd Batt. R.H.C.
F. Woolsey79th Battery, C.F.A.
W. Stearns112th Ontario Batt.
J. Baker148th Batt.
T. Browne148th Batt. (McGill)
J. Doody148th Batt.
J. Donohue150th Batt. French Canadian
W. Smith199th Batt. Irish Rangers
I. MorrisJewish Reinforcing Co’y
A. MichaelsonCanadian Engineers
A. ColeR.A.M.C.
R. ColeR.A.M.C.
Hugh LiversedgeR.A.M.C.
J. BumpR.C.H.A. Kingston
G. BedardR.F.C.
A. DajenaisR.F.C.
A. JulianR.F.C.
A. MarandaR.F.C.
W. BarryR.N.A.S.
F. KieranR.N.A.S.
Peter ChisholmUnited States Army
W. LeclairUnited States Army
J. LaplanteUnited States Army

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