Breithaupt Leather

Company Limited

Roll of Honor

Tanners of Hemlock, Union and Oak Sole Leather

Kitchener, Ontario

K – KilledD – Discharged

Abbott, Pte. W.Hastings, Ont.
Bailey, Pte. A.Penetang,Ont.
Barrie, Pte. James KHastings, Ont.
Belcher, Pte. A.Penetang, Ont.
Blackbourne, Pte. F.Hastings, Ont.
Bloom, Sig. R.Kitchener, Ont.
Breithaupt, Sig. Carl L.Kitchener, Ont.
Breithaupt, Sig. Wm. W.Kitchener, Ont.
Brett, Pte. Thos.Kitchener, Ont.
Brubacher, L.-Cpl. AlbertKitchener, Ont.
Buttle, Pte. GeorgeWoodstock, Ont.
Cariverick, Pte. Geo.Woodstock, Ont.
Coiley, Pte. MonteWoodstock, Ont.
Copeland, Pte. OscarKitchener, Ont.
Cornelius, PtePenetang, Ont.
Crawley, Pte. W.Penetang, Ont.
Crippen, Pte. P.Penetang, Ont.
Crozier, Pte. H.Hastings, Ont.
Dodd, Pte. HarryHastings, Ont.
Dotte, Pte. G.Penetang, Ont.
Ellis, Pte. C.Penetang, Ont.
Fisher, Pte. FredKitchener, Ont.
Fisher, Pte. Wm.Kitchener, Ont.
Harvey, Pte. P. KPenetang, Ont.
Hicks, Pte. B.Hastings, Ont.
Hopf, Pte. AnthonyKitchener, Ont.
Kemp, Pte. GeorgeHastings, Ont.
Kennedy, Pte. NickWoodstock, Ont.
Kenyon, Pte. FredWoodstock, Ont.
Kerr, Pte. G.Hastings, Ont.
Kienapple, Pte. Wm.Kitchener, Ont.
Killingbeck, Pte. Roy Hastings, Ont.
King, Pte. JohnHastings, Ont.
Langley, Pte. FredHastings, Ont.
Langley, Pte. Wm.Hastings, Ont.
Lemoire, Pte. FredHastings, Ont.
Loveland, Pte. HarryWoodstock, Ont.
Lucas, Pte. Fred Penetang, Ont.
Lucas, Pte. RobertPenetang, Ont.
McDonald, Pte. ChesterWoodstock, Ont.
McQuaid, Pte. P.Hastings, Ont.
Macness, Pte. A.Penetang, Ont.
Marshall, Pte. R.Hastings, Ont.
Maslin, Pte. J.Penetang, Ont.
Mather, Pte. Ed.Penetang, Ont.
Mayer, Pte. JackWoodstock, Ont.
Milton, Pte. G.Penetang, Ont.
Morris, Pte. W.Penetang, Ont.
Popple, Pte. A.Penetang, Ont.
Powers, Pte. William KHastings, Ont.
Puncher, Pte. A.W. DKitchener, Ont.
Richards, Pte. E.F. KPenetang, Ont.
Savage, Pte. W. KHastings, Ont.
Scriver, Pte. A.W.Hastings, Ont.
Scriver, Pte. HarryHastings, Ont.
Scriver, Pte. J.H.Hastings, Ont.
Scriver, Pte, NeilHastings, Ont.
Sherwin, Pte. BertHastings, Ont.
Shorter, Pte. H.Hastings, Ont.
Smythe, Pte. ThorntonPenetang, Ont.
Stonge, Pte. C.Penetang, Ont.
Toke, Pte. A.Penetang, Ont.
Upton, Pte. F.Hastings, Ont.
Weber, Sergt. Clayton DKitchener, Ont.
Wells, Pte. G.Penetang, Ont.
Weston, Pte. J.Penetang, Ont.
Wharrie, Pte. Jos. KHastings, Ont.
Wieland, Pte. Chas.Kitchener, Ont.
Wormald, Pte. WilliamWoodstock, Ont.

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