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Sidney Latimer

Sidney Latimer was a young man who was a friend of Nell Shill and Marie Glazin during World War I. There were few boys to spend time with in those days so they had to share him!

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Marie Glazin

Marie Glazin was Nell Waddell's best friend growing up and stayed a friend all through their long lives.

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Hydraulic Machinery Co

The Hydraulic Machinery Co. of Montreal published an Honor Roll of their employees who enlisted to fight in World War I.

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Researching BICA Boys

There are few resources for researching BICA boys who came to Canada. Here are some that you can search on your own or hire me to search for you.

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James Martin McKenzie

My great uncle, James McKenzie was killed at Ypres in 1915. His son James, born in 1910, sailed from Glasgow to Quebec on the Metagama on 3rd July 1925.

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