British Immigrants in Montreal Blog

Stories about British Immigrants who lived in Montreal, Quebec and the organizations and companies they founded over the years will appear here as they are created.

RMS Pretorian Dec 1921

RMS Pretorian brought J.V. Waddell to Canada in December 1921. He worked on board and saved photos, a Concert Programme and his landing card from the passage.

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Woods Manufacturing

Woods Manufacturing Company, Limited. Honor Roll, Head Office Montreal.

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Dent Harrison

Dent Harrison was an immigrant to Montreal from England who started a business named after himself.

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Sidney Latimer

Sidney Latimer was a young man who was a friend of Nell Shill and Marie Glazin during World War I. There were few boys to spend time with in those days so they had to share him!

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Marie Glazin

Marie Glazin was Nell Waddell's best friend growing up and stayed a friend all through their long lives.

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