Dominion Glass Company Limited

Roll of Honor

Manufacturers of all Varieties of Glassware

Head Office: Montreal - Factories at Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Wallaceburg, Redcliff, Alta

Head Office – Montreal

Bassett, Tom
Grier, A.H.
Hossie, W.A.
King, Stewart
Kirton, J.E.
Lafleche, F.R.
Ross, Donald
Porteous, J.
Sclater, A.N.

Toronto Factory

Coo, Harold
Harris, Geo.
McCullough, N.
McHardy, Alvin M.C.

Hamilton Factory

Antomik, Paul
Buckley, D.
Barlow, D.
Byron, J.
Blowes, F.
Bobolick, J.
Barnes, L.
Culp, D.
Cliff, F.
Cliff, J.
Cole, J.
Canard, R.
Cooper, F.
Chadwick, F.
Ellis, Ralph
French, R.
Fuerdt, T.
Griffiths, A.
Guido, M.
Gorney, W.
Geddes, J.
Howell, Wm.
Harrison, A.
Howard, O.
Hall, E.
Jepson, E.
Jacobs, W.
Krick, A.
Lockie, H.
Mundy, J.
Mathews, H.T.
Miller, I.
Macomara, -
Moon, W.
McCallum, J.
McGregor, A.
McKenzie, J.
McCallum, W.
Pedlow, L.
Philips, E.
Sharracks, Wm.
Schofield, -
Taylor, Chas.
Ward, Geo.

Wallaceburg Factory

Ashton, D. Sr.
Ashton, D., Jr.
Berry, A.
Blake, John
Brewer, C.
Brown, A.
Bushy, Andrew
Caron, Fred.
Cameron, J.C.
Christian, G.
Dunlop, D.
Griffin, S.
Hanning, E.
Harrison, F.
Hanbridge, J.
Hebert, Roy
Holston, Chas.
James, Stanley
Judson, J.
Judson, W.
Keating, M.
Kay, Rufus
Keans, Jos.
Kiyoshk, E.
Lewis, Harold
Lucier, Henry
Lucier, Wm.
Masefield, C.
Marchand, A.
Mead, W.H.
Mills, Robt.
Momney, Jos.
McDougall, H.
McDougall, J.
McDougall, M.
Osahgee, D.W.
Quennell, Wm.
Rabbitt, J.
Ralph, Harry
Sands, Israel
Shambley, Chas.
Shields, Frank
Southgate, S.
Stanley, John
Steggles, Alf.
Thomas, James
Thomas, Wilfred
Trembley, Jos.
Trembley, Peter
Toulouse, F.
Watson, Robt.
Wilson, Wm.
Webb, John
Young, Ivan
Yates, Wm.

Redcliff Factory

Bowtell, E.
Collins, T.
Dombroski, C.
Green, Wm.
Hodge, R.S.
Helmack, A.
Mulligan, C.
Oakland, Chas.
Reilly, W.
Shimmin, L.
Tiviotdale, G.
Whittaker, -

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