Officers and Employees

Lake of the Woods Milling

Company Limited

Roll of Honor


Meighen (C.M.G.), Brig.-Gen. F.S. President.  
Ross, Lt.-Col. J.K.L. Member, Board of Directors.
Carson, Maj.-Gen. Sir John (R.), Member, Board of Directors 
Kingman, A., Member, Board of Directors.

(M-M) Military Medal (W) Wounded (K) Killed
(R) Returned (G-S) Gassed and Shocked (S-G) Slightly Gassed
(P) Prisoner (H-D) Hon. Discharged (T-W) Twice Wounded

Eastern Employees:

(K)Adams, F.
(S-G)Bradley, W.
Burn, J.
Cloutier, E.
(W)(R) Corrigan, J.
Dandurand, F. Jr.
(W)(R)Dickson, W.J.
Dowling, E.W.
Eccles, G.
(P)Emslie, J.G.
(M-M)Fleming, E.
(H-D)Follows, F.
Gibbon, C.
Goodfellow, A.H.
Grogan, J.R.
Hanna, O.K.
Hinton, H.
Howse, F.
(K)Kerr, D.R.
(W)Leach, E.
Mahon, F.T.
O’Connor, J.T.
Parslow, H.
(W)(R)Roberts, J.
Robertson, P.G.
(K)Rowbotham, W.
(W)Scott, Lt., P.W.
(T-W)Shadwick, M.
Simpson, W.
Swan, D.
(G-S)Sutton, W.

Western Employees:

Alford, R.
Anderson, A.C.
(K)Anderson, J.
Archibald, P.S.
Armour, W.
(W)(R)Armstrong, F.C.
Baldwin, W.
Barber, W.
Barker, W.
(R)Barley, B.
Barnard, C.
(R)Battersby, D.
(W)(R)Beckworth, A.M.
Bicknall, R.W.
Billedeau, A.
(R)Billedeau, H.
Billedeau, J.
Bloomer, C.
(K)Blossom, W.
Bonny, S.
(W)Bowes, C.
Boyd, R.
Bradley, G.G.
(R)Brodie, B.
Brown, H.
(W)(P)Brown, H.
(D)Brown, H.R.
Buchanan, T.A.
Burgoyne, C.
Burkett, C.
Burton, H.
Buskett, W.
Butcher, A.
Carrie, D.
Cassells, G.
(M-M)Collings, W.
(K)Collins, H.I.
Costigan, L.
Cousins, J.
Currie, B.
(R)Dalzell, F.
Davis, T.
(K)Delaney, J.
Demarais, R.
Dempster, A.
(W)Dempster, J.
(W)(R)Dempster, R.
(W)Dempster, T.
Dempster, W.
(W)Dempster, W.
Develin, P.
Dixon, J.
Drew, G.
(K)(M-M) Drew, J.
Dumon, E.
Duncan, J.
Duncan, J.
Elliott, T.
Farmsworth, E.
(W)Fisher, A.
(W)(R)Fisher, J.
Fisher, R.
Fisher, R. Jr.
(K)Fletcher, F.
Fox, J.
Garnier, W.
(K)Gay, R.
Gibson, A.
Gill, C.
Girling, J.
(W)Gordon, H.
Grabb, W.
(W)(R)Green, J.
(W)Gudgeon, A.
(W)(R)Hanlon, A.
Hansen, H.
Harmon, J.
(W)Harvery, R.
(R)Hastings, W.A.
(K)Heaton, J.
Henderson, W.
Hilder, H.
(W)Hill, T.
Horne, W.R.
House, C.
(K)Hullen, R.
Hulse, J.
Hunter, J.
Jones, A.
Jones, E.
Jones, T.E.
Jones, W.
(W)Johnston, A.
Johnston, A.B.
Johnston, W.
Kellett, R.C.
(W)Kelly, G.
(W)Kelly, J.
Kennedy, G.
(W)(R)Kennedy, Q.
(W)(R)Kenny, J.
Killough, G.
(W)(R)Killough, W.
Knight, J.
(W)Lacosse, O.
(K)Lacosse, W.
Lalonde, A.
Madden, H.
Masterton, A.
(D)Matheson, W.M.
(W)(R)McClintock, A.
McCowan, B.
(K)McCullough, J.
McCullough, T.
McDougall, G.
McDowall, R.
(K)McGregor, D.
McIlwraith, H.
(W)McIlwraith, W.
(K)McKay, G.
(W)McLellan, M.
McWilliam, H.C.
(K)Michael, Maj. D.
Mills, F.
(R)Mills, W.
Milmouth, W.
(K)Mison, J.
Mizen, J.
Moir, C.A.
Nairn, J.
North, A.
Olsen, C.
(W)Orr, J.W.
Orton, D.M.
(K)Owens, E.
Parfitt, A.
(K)Parfitt, D.
Parfitt, W.
Parry, W.
Potter, R.
(W)Prout, G.
Raine, T.A.
(P)Ramsay, A.
Read, T.
(W)(R)Reid, A.
Robertson, C.
Roe, S.
(W)(R)Rogers, J.
(W)(R)Ross, A.H.
Rushton, H.
Rushton, P.
(W)(R)Russell, F.
(K)Scott, J.Y.
Scott, T.
(W)Scribner, A.
(R)Shelly, A.
Sharples, A.
Sinclair, F.
Smith, J.
(K)Smith, J
Smith, J.W.
(W)Smith, L.
Smith, P.
Sparks, C.
(W)Steele, D.
Stewart, A.M.
(P)Stewart, R.M.
(W)Sullivan, J.
Symonds, M.
(K)Taylor, R.
Thyseboard, A.
(W)(R)Torrance, V.
(K)Trewella, F.
(W)Tuck, H.
Vattergreen, C.
Wallace, C.
(K)Walton, H.
(K)Weston, S.
(W)White, T.
Wiborg, A.
Williams, I.
Winters, H.
Wolfe, E.
Wright, E.

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