Nichols Chemical Company

Roll of Honor

Montreal Office

T. Douglas Fillan
G.W. Imrie
G.S. Pincott

Capelton Works

S. Able
A. Agon
W. Agon
J. Bayley
F. Beauregard
F. Bilodeau
H. Carboneau
A. Cordy
W. Cayer
Wm. Doyle
John Ginn
O. Giroux
N. Haldenby
Earle Hodge
H. Humphrey
H. Mayo
F. Marsh
F. McCabe
A. McDonald
B. McVeigh
E. McVeigh
W. McVeigh
T. Murray
W. Parish
D. Perrault
J. Wilkinson
D. Wright
C. Woods
W. Woods
G. Giroux
L. Carboneau

Sulphide Works

Walley Akey
Winston Baker
James Brill
R. Conway
James Coulter
Wm. Cotton
Alex. Cuthbertson
Ford Elliott
J.E. Gooddie
C. Greatrix
E.H. Jordan
Percy Mairs
Fred Mayne
Richard McConnell
Chester McConnell
C.N. Murray
Laird Meilkejohn
M. Minnie
Fred Pigott
Ted Sargent
Wm. Shelton
Geo. Sexsmith
Henry Vilneff

British Columbia Works

Carl Allen
Wm. J. Imeson
George Patterson
Leslie Wallace
A. Meikle
C.A. Wright

Toronto Warehouse

H.D. Cameron
W.H. Clarkson

Goudreau Mines

Morgan Ash
H.I. Orr
E.C. Stradley
C.H. Robinson

Northern Mines

G.B. Holderer
L.E. Van Vliet
Thos. Rance

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