Wood, Alexander & James 

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Roll of Honor

*    Killed in Action

†    Wounded

Hamilton, Canada

Gunner Hugh F. Brown

Lieut. Stewart Chambers

Sergt. Alex W. Cook

Pte. William S. Doak*

Pte. Thomas S. Duncan

Lieut. Wilfred Gardner

Corp. William Gauld

Lieut. Geo. E. Haygarth

Pipe-Major Geo. Howieson

Gunner H.C. Moran*

Q.M.S. N.S. Ion

Lieut. Harvey P. Moffat*

Gunner A.H. McKenzie

Gunner J.M. Mackenzie

Pte. A. Munro

Pte. J. Martin

Capt. Will W. Main

Gunner Geo. W. Pratten

Pte. Duncan Ross*

Major L.C. Sey

Capt. J. Stonehewer

Spr. Earl Swift

Pte. W. Saunders*

Pte. J. Sedgwick

Lieut. Clarence Tuck

Lieut. Murray A. Vallance

Capt. H.R. Williams

Pte. H. Wells

Pte. N.J. Kalbfleisch

Corp. Herbert A. Main

Gunner Geo. G. McEwen

Gunner W.H. O’Neil

Sergt. Wm. E. Smith

Sergt. Geo. R. Weller

Wood, Vallance, Limited

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Major J.C. Gillespie

Capt. H.E. Goodman

Sergt. J.E.D. McCord

Sergt. J.F. Henderson

Sergt. F.H. Brown

Pte. H.L. Lloyd

Pte. D.E. Rose* 

Pte. J. Milliken* 

Pte. H.E. Sinclair

Pte. John Gibbins* 

Pte. C.E. Chinneck

Pte. E.F. Elsey

Pte. B.W. Lawrie, M.M.

Sergt. D.J. Humphrey

Driver Chas. Monteith

Q.M.S. F.T. McEwen

Pte. F. Prior

Pte. A. McKay

Pte. Thos. Cartwright* 

Pte. Thos. Doyle

Pte. Jas. McKay

Chas. Harris

Pte. J. Espley

Bugler M. Ridge

Pte. W. McDowell

Pte. H.G. Phillips

Lance Cpl. A.H. Stewart

Pte. R. Thomas

Cpl. G.A. Carl

Pte. T.A. Hislop

Sergt. M.R. Twiss

Pte. J. Watt

Pte. R.M. Wallace

Sergt. D. Miller, M.M.

Pte. A. Livingston

Pte. J.O. Sampson

Gunner P. Galbraith

Gunner S. Kennedy

Gunner D. McCord

A.S.H.A. Bestall

Cadet R.G. Consterdine

Gunner N.T. McInnes

Pte. L.W. Moulden

Pte. E. Parkinson

Pte. Gus Ward

Pte. W.P. Taylor

Sergt. J. Bromby

Pte. J. Wilkie* 

Pte. B. Eyolfsson

Sergt. S.H. Allan

Pte. N. Caplitt

Gunner Jas. D. Waugh

Pte. S.G. Dunn* 

A.S.D.S. Morris

A.S.C.E. Herring

Lieut. A.T. Wood

Pte. W. Sinclair

Pte. W. Todd

Pte. W.S. Robinson

Pte. H.S. Spencer

Cadet D.H.A. Wood

Wood, Vallance & Adams, Limited

Calgary, Alberta

E.E. Alteman

W.F. Arthur

John Begg

D. Beveridge

Murray Clark

George Dawson* 

J.W. Dyke

J. Elderkin

N. Griffiths

N.C. Hall

W.T. Hunter

L. Kennedy

F.R. Longsworth

J.S. Murrison* 

H. McCauley

A.G. McLean

A.W. Pettigrew

R.D. Rogers

G.M. Sampson

James Suitor, D.S.O.

C.C. Watson* 

W.G. Wright

Oliver Youell

W.C. Young

Wood, Vallance & Leggatt, Limited

Vancouver, British Columbia

Pte. R. Mitchell

Driver A. Currie

Sergt. A.W. Bath* 

Corp. Hubert Lee* 

Driver M. Shier* 

Pte. H. Tinch

Staff Sergt. A. Peele

Bdr. Frank Sheffield

Lieut. W.J. Decker

Pte. J.H. bushfield

Gunner S.J. Kearns

Cpl. H. Kenneth Hall

Pte. Jas. Cadzow

Gunner Duncan A. Duff

Gunner A. Gargett

Driver G.S. Cameron

Pte. J.L. Corral

Pte. Peter Campbell

Pte. D. McLennan

Lieut. J.H. Garrod* 

Major J.H. Roaf

Pte. S. Lee

Pte. Jas. Adrian

Pte. J. MacAdam

Pte. Wm. Niven

Pte. W.B. Barton

Pte. H. Claman

Pte. R. Reese

Pte. J. Martin

Cadet Johnson Peters

Cadet H.H. Lamb

Driver George D. Wood

Pte. J. Oswald

Pte. C. Fitch

Pte. S. Lawrence

Lieut. W.G. MacKenzie, M.C.

Pte. J.M. Tiernan

Pte. D. Willan

Pte. B.L. Bernard

Wood, Vallance Hardware Co. Limited

Nelson, B.C.

*Benjamin Crowther*

Robert Blake Allan*

J. Gordon W. Gibson*

Walter C. Kettlewell

Albert Whitehead

Robert B. Morris

W. Keith Kettlewell

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